what level fuecoco evolves in pokemon scarlet and violet

What Level Does Fuecoco Evolve in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Answered

All the evolution levels for Fuecoco you need to know!

Fuecoco is one of the three starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and is the fire-type option this generation. An adorable little fire crocodile, Fuecoco eventually evolves into Crocalor, which evolves into Skeledirge itself. But at what level does Fuecoco evolve? Here’s what you need to know.

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When Does Fuecoco Evolve Into Crocalor?

Fuecoco will evolve into Crocalor when it reaches level 16. You can level up Fuecoco quickly by having it battle against other Pokemon, using EXP Share when it’s in your party, and using Rare Candy in order to increase its level by one instantly.

As soon as Fuecoco has reached level 16, once the battle it is in has finished — or once the Rare Candy has been used to make it reach this level — the evolution animation will play out where you’ll see your cuddly lil’ croc evolve into the literal egg-headed Crocalor.

If you really wanted to, you can stop Fuecoco from evolving into Crocalor by pressing and holding B during this evolution animation. Keep in mind, though, you’ll need to do this every time that Fuecoco levels up, as it’ll try to evolve again.

How to Evolve Crocalor into Skeledirge

Crocalor evolves into Skeledirge at level 36. This is the final evolution of Fuecoco, too, so after reaching level 36, you’ll then be focused on leveling Skeledirge up in order to unlock new powerful moves for it.

That’s everything you need to know about Fuecoco’s evolution level in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our guides on what the best nature for Fuecoco is, all Mystery Gift codes, where to catch Pawmi, and how to connect Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to Pokemon Home.

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