What Is Taylor Swift’s Most Popular Song? Answered

So many choices so little time.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has created an abundance of popular songs throughout her career. Blank Space, I Knew You Were Trouble, Cruel Summer — the list goes on. However, some fans need clarification about which song is her most famous and successful. So today, we’re determining which is Taylor Swift’s most popular song.

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To be blunt, Taylor’s career has been so successful that narrowing down a song is challenging, as she’s shattered records with various albums and songs she’s published. To be precise, it comes down as a close race between two pieces, Blank Space and Shake It Off, according to

Shake It Off was the first to release during her 1989 album back in 2014, shattering records like no female artist had before. It was instantly the #1 song of that time period and continued to stay at the top for the next four months straight. Afterward, it remained in the top 10 most popular songs for the next six months, keeping the flame going.

Ironically enough though, Taylor Swift became the first female singer to dethrone herself as Blank Space released not too long after, claiming the #1 spot from Shake It Off. It would remain the most popular song of 2014 and hold the title going into 2015 — roughly a seven-week period — before going down a few ranks.

That said, in terms of sheer numbers and overall popularity, Shake It Off ended up being the victor as Taylor Swift’s most popular and successful song of all time. It had a much longer run at the top of the charts, and remains one of her most popular songs among fans.

Hopefully this cleared up what Taylor Swift’s most popular song is. For other T Swift content, check out our related articles down below.

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