What is a Health Burst in god of war ragnarok
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What Is a Health Burst in God of War Ragnarok & Why Does It Stop? Explained

In God of War Ragnarok, Health Bursts can be quite useful in a pinch.

God of War Ragnarok builds upon its predecessor in every way, from story to combat. As you journey throughout the Nine Realms with Atreus, you’ll also acquire gear, which has its own set of abilities, stats, and passives. Many of them are triggered without your input, such as a Health Burst. If you were wondering what a Health Burst is in God of War Ragnarok and why it stops, we’ve got you covered.

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What a Health Burst is in God of War Ragnarok and Why It Stops

A Health Burst in God of War Ragnarok is exactly how it sounds: a burst of health that heals Kratos. It’s one of several passives and activated abilities that Kratos has at his disposal in the game.

Though Kratos is immortal in God of War Ragnarok, he isn’t invulnerable and has a limited source of health. You can heal by grabbing Health Stones or activating Spartan Rage, but you can also regain health through a Health Burst.

Health Burst appears as a passive on certain equipment, such as the Nidavellir armor set. When the passive triggers, Kratos heals a small amount for the duration of the buff, which is why a Health Burst eventually stops in the game.

Now you understand what a Health Burst is in God of War Ragnarok and why it stops. It’s just a small passive buff that lasts a few seconds, but still, a great stat to have in a pinch—especially with the Nidavellir armor set proccing off of stun grabs. For more guides and questions, further, improve your knowledge by learning how to use light and heavy runic attacks or brush up on what Yggdrasil’s Dew is.

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