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What Are Banshees in Avatar? Explained

One of the most dangerous things on Pandora.

The planet Pandora has many exciting animals and plants, including the Banshee, and with Avatar 2 quickly approaching, it’s good to refamiliarize yourself with them. There’s a lot to dive into, but the wildlife is a great place to start, especially when it comes to the dragon-like mounts that are used in the series. Here’s everything you need to know about what Banshees are in Avatar.

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What Is a Banshee in Avatar? Answered

A Banshee is a predatory flying animal that resembles a dragon and is native to Pandora; additionally, they are ridden by the Na’vi for traveling and hunting purposes. In the Na’vi language, these animals are called Ikran and, on rare occasions, fly into battle to defend their homeworld. It’s impressive that the natives of Pandora were able to tame such dangerous animals and gain the ability to fly.

A Banshee screaming in Avatar.
Image Source: 20th Century Studios

Bonding with an Ikran has become a rite of passage for the Na’vi because the two species have worked together for so long. Since a hunter can only bond with one Banshee, the trust between them is unparalleled and creates fluid teamwork. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jake Sully decided to stop betting against the Na’vi and protect Pandora.

Banshees have a secondary set of eyes used mostly for night vision but can also alert it to attacks from behind. These traits aid them in protecting the Na’vi that ride them and other Banshees.

That’s everything we have on what Banshees are on Pandora. Check out some of our other Avatar content, like this Avatar quiz, the length of Avatar 2, and Sigourney Weavers characters.

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