Warframe Jade Shadows Release Time Countdown

Shadows of War

Warframe: Jade Shadows is the latest update for Warframe, due for release later today. Here’s everything you need to know about the Warframe Jade Shadows release time.

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When is the Warframe Jade Shadows Release Time?

Warframe: Jade Shadows is releasing on June 18, 2024 at 9 AM PST/ 5 PM BST/ 12 PM EST, so you have some time to get ready for the game’s release.

The update introduces Jade, a new character with an angelic theme, and a skillset based on supporting her allies and debuffing her enemies. Jade comes with three signature weapons: The Evensong Bow, the Cantare Throwing Knives, and the Harmony Scythe.

The update also shakes up the game’s status effects meta. Among the changes, Digital Extremes has announced that the game’s corrosion scaling will be reevaluated, making the effect more noticeable at lower stacks. Additionally, your Corpus Shield will automatically regenerate.

In addition to a new character and changes to the status effects, the update introduces other new features and content:

  • A quest from the Stalker’s point of view exploring his backstory
  • A new game mode (Ascension)
  • A new landing craft (Terror)
  • New Eximus unit type: Jade Light Eximuss
  • New Duviri Decrees
  • New Arcanes and Augment Mods
  • Four new Warframe augments for Dagath’s Grave Spirit, Protea’s Blazing Artillery, Qorvex’s Containment Wall and Sevagoth’s Sow
  • Enemy Scaling rework
  • Quality of Life changes

Additionally, a new Clan Operation, Belly of the Beast, will be coming to the game shortly after the update is released.

Of the new content coming to the game, the Stalker quest is likely to be among the most exciting. This mysterious character will periodically invade players’ games, and his backstory has so far remained unknown. Whether this is a precursor to the much-requested Stalker mode, which would let players invade the games of others, remains to be seen.

Do you want a head start with the update? Here’s our tier list of all the Incarnon weapons in Warframe.

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