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Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock the Yellow Sign

Finding the Yellow Sign should be at the top of your list!

Like most games, there are secrets worth making note of and Vampire Survivors is no exception featuring a secret menu that houses unlockable secret bonus characters as well as the utilization of additional spells. The first way is after obtaining the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. However, as that is further in Vampire Survivors’ endgame there is a more direct way to get it a bit earlier, but it involves unlocking the “Yellow Sign.” But, what exactly is the Yellow Sign and how do you get it?

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What Exactly Is The Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors? Answered

But before we jump into that, did you know that the Yellow Sign is a homage to The King in Yellow, which is said to be the inspiration of HP Lovecraft’s writings such as the Necronomicon? It is also referenced a bunch in the first season of HBO’s True Detective.

Regardless, the Yellow Sign itself is a relic of sorts in Vampire Survivors, which unlocks new hidden items in all stages. This then acts as an incentive for players to revisit old levels given that several particular key passive items are located in these locales; including the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, and left and right Metaligo. Finally, these items are necessary in evolving certain weapons in a player’s inventory to their more powerful “final form.” Unlocking the Yellow Sign, on the other hand, is a little bit more multi-faceted.

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How To Unlock the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

  1. Unlock Hyper Mode On Four Of The Levels/Maps

    There are several steps needed to be completed in order to reach the Holy Forbidden map, which is where the aforementioned Yellow Sign relic is located in the first place. But, in order to unlock the area within the area (called Moonglow), players will have to unlock the first several main stages; Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, and Gallo Tower. After clearing each level initially and defeating the time-sensitive 25 minute boss for each stage, players will unlock Hyper Mode. Assuming that you unlock Hyper Mode for all four stages, Moonglow will then await your arrival.Hyper Mode Stage Select in Vampire Survivors

  2. Explore Moonglow

    Once your character has arrived in the underwater world of Moonglow, you will want to play as a non-secret character. After successfully completing a regular run (which is probably the most mindless fun of the entire game, which will in turn also get you a plethora of resources) the stage will turn to a reddish hue and a new boss will appear. Defeat the boss, and you will be transported to your final locale the Holy Forbidden.
    Vampire Survivors Moonglow Level

  3. Enter the Holy Mountain and Claim the Yellow Sign!

    Now that you have arrived at the Holy Mountain, players will need to reach a destination very far off to the right. Make your way through the level while you cut through any enemy that dares come your way. Eventually though, this will come to a head, and players can find a cross that will then be used to subsequently destroy all enemies on the screen. Huzzah, the Yellow Sign is yours for the taking!  Holy Mountain Start Vampire Survivors

And that’s all she wrote. With any luck, you now know how to get the Yellow Sign as well as understand what it is. Hopefully, you are well on your way to hitting that coveted 100% completion milestone, although an argument could likely be made that no-one is ever really done in a roguelite game. Anyways, be sure to visit our guide which covers unlocking all secret characters (especially as it somewhat correlates with this guide), as well as this handy chart showcasing Vampire Survivor’s wild weapon evolutions.

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