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Top 10 Best Seeds in The Long Drive

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The Long Drive is a relaxing game where you simply explore a randomly generated post-apocalyptic desert in your trusty car. Using seeds will influence the map, whether that’s by altering the terrain or giving you some useful bonuses. Here’s our guide to the top 10 best seeds in The Long Drive.

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1998203306 – Easy Access To a Gas Station

Your constant companion in The Long Drive is your vehicle, but unfortunately, gas stations are few and far between. While you can switch to another car if you run out of gas, that might come as a disappointment if you’ve grown attached to what you’re driving.

While a single tank of gas will let you travel around 500 km, it’s a good idea to centralize your exploration around a gas station wherever possible. This seed will generate a gas station within a few hundred feet of your start location, giving you easy access to fuel right from the start.

1912821 – Spawns Buildings Regularly As You Drive

It isn’t just gas that you’ll need on your long drive. Food, equipment, and weapons are just some of the essentials you’ll need on your journey. This seed will spawn buildings regularly as you drive, meaning you never have to travel too far for resources.

1477590635 – Mansions Near Your Starting Point

While mansions have a chance of spawning regardless, this seed ensures that there are a few near your starting point. These mansions have plenty of loot, but don’t go in unprepared – these large buildings are often home to deadly munkas, so going in half-cocked is an easy way to get killed.

970781782 – Spawns You Right Next to Plenty of Cars

This seed will generate a warehouse filled with cars right next to your start point, which gives you access to a vast number of options right from the start. You can potentially get any vehicle in any condition right from the start. If you don’t like your options you can restart the game and try your luck again. This makes this one of the best seeds in the game if you want to experiment with different cars.

Long Drive gas station
Image Source: Genesz via Steam

1028973171 – Generates Cargo Ships in the Desert

This seed will spawn large ships throughout the world ready to explore. These are the largest man-made structures in the game, making them rife for exploration and potentially filled with loot. In fact, a single tanker can easily have enough fuel to keep you stocked up for at least a few in-game days, and if not you’ll hopefully find another ship nearby.

1385146475 – Spawns You Near a Mansion and Ship

If you want a good start, this seed will give you plenty of resources right from the off, with easy access to both a mansion and a ship. This gives you two of the biggest structures in the game with plenty of resources – just beware of any munkas taking shelter.

1958123679 – Gives You a Flat Plain to Explore

This seed is ideal for beginners, or simply those who want a more relaxing experience. While most maps can generate hills and mountains, this seed instead generates an endless flat plain with no natural hazards. It’s perfect for tuning out with your favorite post-apocalyptic audiobook.

1908366339 – Filled With Hills

If you want a change of scenery, this seed will fill the entire desert with hills. This makes the whole map trickier to navigate and you’ll need some extra resources, making it more challenging than a flat desert.

1896490792 – Fills the Desert With Mountains

If you want more than a few hills, this seed takes the elevation to the next level as it features a vast mountainous region. This ramps up the challenge significantly, as you’ll need plenty of resources to get around, and the drops can be as deadly as the view is stunning.

803175587 – Gives You the Worst Start Possible

You start every game of The Long Drive in a house. This seed will see that house instantly destroyed by a rock. It’s tricky (but not impossible) to escape, but when you do you’ll likely find yourself without a car or vital starting resources, immediately ramping up the challenge.

Those are the best seeds we recommend trying out in The Long Drive! Looking for more guides? Here’s the best way to earn money in Gray Zone Warfare, and here’s how to get more families in Manor Lords.

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