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The First Descendant Out of Video Memory Error Fix

How is my 6650XT not kenough?

There are very few things that can make me angry in video games, and crashes are definitely near the top of that list. In Nexon’s new co-op RPG, The First Descendant, one of the most common errors players are facing is Out of Video Memory, and we’ve compiled a list of troubleshooting steps that’ll help you fix it. Check them out below.

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How to Fix Out of Video Memory Error in The First Descendant

Use the steps below to fix the Out of Video Memory error in The First Descendant. I ordered them in such a way that more complex or less reliable fixes are at the bottom, and the quick-and-easy/most reliable methods are at the top. So, just follow them in order, and you’ll be golden.

1. Optimize CPU Settings for Intel CPUs

Configs with 13th and 14th generation Intel CPUs seem to struggle the most with this error. One thing you can do is to lower the Performance Core Ratio. You can do that using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or in BIOS. It will effectively lower the boost clock of the performance cores on your CPU.

Additionally, you can disable or lower the Turbo Boost Short Power Max values. It should provide more stability with basically no effect on performance. You can find this option both in BIOS and in the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

2. Change Page File Size Settings

Generally, default Page File (virtual memory) settings on Windows are good and don’t need to be changed. However, there are apps that can hog a lot of RAM at times. So, increasing virtual memory can prevent out-of-memory issues. Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on Start (Windows icon on the bottom left).
  2. Search for Advanced System Settings and open them.
  3. You should be on the Advanced tab by default. Click on Settings under Performance options.
  4. In the new window, switch to the Advanced tab and click on Change under Virtual Memory settings.
  5. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  6. Toggle Custom Size and set the values for Initial Size and Maximum Size.
    • Page File will take up memory on one or more of your drives/partitions, depending on how you adjust these settings. You’ll want it to be on an SSD for best performance.
    • To toggle it off on one of your drives, select the drive at the top, toggle No Paging File, and then click Set.
    • To toggle it on, select a drive, toggle Custom Size or System Managed Size, and click Set.
    • The rule of thumb is that the less RAM you have, the more Page File size you’ll need. For example, if you have 16 GB, setting it to 8096 minimum and 16192 maximum is alright. If you have 32 GB, then you can go lower.
    • You can always go back to this setting and change it. It has almost no effect on system stability unless you set it extremely low or high.
  7. Once you’re done adjusting the minimum and maximum Page File sizes, click Set and then OK. Click OK to confirm the changes on two other windows as well.
  8. Launch The First Descendant and see whether the problem is fixed.

3. Limit FPS to Lower Resource Usage

You can use the in-game settings, RTSS, the Nvidia Control Panel, the GeForce Experience, or the AMD control panel to limit the FPS. It will reduce the load on your CPU and GPU and hopefully prevent this error from happening.

I hope that these troubleshooting steps helped you and that you can now finally play The First Descendant without getting that annoying Out of Video Memory error. Also, stay tuned to Twinfinite for more TFD guides, including ones on how to unlock the Ultimate Bunny and the Ultimate Viessa.

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