The First Descendant key art featuring three Descendants.
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The First Descendant Endgame Activities Explained

Prepare to grind.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play looter-shooter. Structurally, it’s similar to games like Warframe, The Division 2, and Destiny 2.  Naturally, like these titles, The First Descendant aims to provide sprawling endgame content to keep you engaged for hours after you have finished the campaign. Continue reading to learn more about various endgame activities in The First Descendant

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All Endgame Activities in The First Descendant

Descendants fighting enemies in the overworld.
Image Source: Nexon Games

Special Operations

Special Operations are combat-focused endgame missions. You face waves of enemies and complete various tasks to move on to the next round. It’s somewhat similar to the Survival missions of Warframe.

The rewards for these Special Operations depend on the number of rounds you finish before ending the mission.

There are three types of Special Operations in The First Descendant. Each takes place in different arenas, features different objectives, and requires varied approaches. These are Kuiper Mine Blocking, Resource Defense, and Neutralize Void Experiment. 

In Kuiper Mine Blocking, you have to defeat a set amount of enemies before the timer runs out. Resource Defense, as the name suggests, requires you to defend a target from enemy forces for a certain period of time. Lastly, in the Neutralize Void Experiment, you have to defeat fleeting suicide bombers in a set time while also surviving the enemy assault. 

All three Special Operation missions are playable in co-op, so you won’t have to venture alone to the battlefield. It’s also worth noting that some Descendants will be more suited for undertaking particular Special Operations, and deciding which to take is part of the experience. 

Bunny Descendant fighting enemies.
Image Source: Nexon Games

Void Intercept Battles

Void Intercept Battles are these large-scale boss encounters that take place in sprawling arenas. These are somewhat similar to the raids in Destiny 2, in which every boss has unique attack patterns with multiple phases and demands excellent strategy and team synergy to overcome them all. 

Completing Void Intercept Battles can get you research materials necessary to unlock new Descendants and ultimate weapons, which makes them vital to your endgame progression in The First Descendant. 

Infiltration Missions

Lastly, there are Infiltration missions, which are more difficult versions of existing story missions with various modifiers. You can think of them as the legendary difficulty missions of Destiny 2. 

These Infiltration missions also have matchmaking, so you can team with other players to farm lucrative resource materials and amp up the difficulty as you please by enabling various modifiers. 

These are all the endgame activities coming to The First Descendant at launch. For some news on Destiny 2, check out how to unlock Prismatic Aspects on a second character and how to get the Khvostov Exotic Auto Rifle.

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