The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2 Quest Guide
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The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2 Quest Guide

Pool's closed.

Lost & Found quests are special missions in Dead Island 2 where you have to do all the detective work yourself, as there aren’t any waypoint markers. This can result in some frustration when you get completely stuck or misled by a vague clue. In this case, it’s definitely a clue-related issue. Here’s the full guide to the Clean and Snatch Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2.

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How to Complete The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2 Quest

After unlocking the Roxanne’s House safe area in Beverly Hills, you will be able to explore the yard. You will find a phone and a locked box labeled Obi’s Things by the pool. The phone messages inform you that the local pool boy is leaving but wants to finish up with his clients first. He also stole a sword from one of them and left it in the box for the girl who lives there.

The first step is to visit the few pools in the area. You shouldn’t have any problem finding two of the phones near them. However, the third phone is locked behind Michael’s Pool during the O Michael, Where Art Thou? story quest. It is unclear if you need this phone to progress or if it only points you in the right direction.

Note for Michael
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Picking up the phone reveals the message Obi left for Michael regarding taking one of his inflatable pool rafts to his girlfriend’s place, as she has an inflatable pizza slice. The problem with this is that one of the other pools in the area contains inflatables, and there aren’t any further phones to find in the whole area.

The quest doesn’t say that it requires players to leave Beverly Hills, but that’s what you have to do. You’ll need to return to Bel-Air and go to the Goat Pen’s pool. At the pool will be a zombified Obi that will drop Obi’s Key when it dies.

Obi's Key
Image Source: Dambuster Studios via Twinfinite

This key is all you need to open the Obi’s Things box and take the weapon for yourself. You’ll want to do this quest as soon as possible because the reward weapon isn’t all that great compared to others if you get it later on.

This is everything you need to know to complete The Clean and Snatch Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2. For more guides and lists, take a look at our links below.

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