Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite
Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite

How to Get Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns

You'll want this one right away!

Risk of Rain Returns is full of powerful items to wield in your arsenal, along with plenty of hidden secrets to uncover, challenges to accomplish, and artifacts to collect. Perhaps the most important one of all is the Artifact of Command. If you’re wondering where it is, here is our handy guide for how to get Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns.

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What is Artifact of Command & Where to Find It in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns what is the Artifact of Command and where to find it
Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite

Out of all 14 obtainable Artifacts, the Artifact of Command is the one you definitely want first out of the bunch. This artifact essentially puts you in complete control of your item build over the course of the game.

Instead of random item drops, boxes of a certain rarity (e.g. – White, Green, Orange, Red) will appear. Upon opening them, you’ll be able to freely choose any items within that tier of rarity that you’ve unlocked by yourself or with friends. This means you can augment your build exactly how you need it to be, and stack as many of a certain item as you want.

To get yourself an Artifact of Command, you’ll need to be in the Hive Cluster level of the game. It’s probably the easiest artifact to run into point blank, as it’s not blocked by any special enemies or hidden deep within a maze. After you spawn, head to the top right corner of the map as seen above. Climb up the pink tendril vines and approach what looks like a super wide gap to your right. Your goal is the large black structure that looks like a teleporter on the ledge in the far right corner.

Believe it or not, there is a way across. There will be pink vines hanging from the ceiling all the way to the ledge that randomly go invisible. This doesn’t mean that they literally disappear, however, you can still land on them even if they’re invisible at the time. Just be patient and time your jumps right and you’ll get across safely. Approach the teleport-like structure and the Artifact of Command will spawn. Claim it and you’ll be able to use it in all your future playthroughs.

Risk of Rain Returns how to equip artifacts
Image Source: Hopoo via Twinfinite

To equip any Artifact, simply go to start a new game, and you’ll find the sub-menu for them at the very bottom, underneath the Difficulty settings. Any new artifacts you get will appear as ‘New’. Simply click on them to uncover and apply them to your setup. You can also equip more than one if you wish, just be careful which ones you choose to mix.

That concludes our guide for how to get Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know which artifacts you like to use the most.

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