Pokemon Sun & Moon Male Hairstyles

Male Hairstyles – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon lets you choose between a male and female protagonist at the start of the game, but you won’t get any other character customization options. To change your eye color, clothes, and hair, you’ll have to visit various shops around¬†the Alola region.

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, then a salon is the place for you. These can be found in most cities, recognizable by the scissors logo out front. For 5000 Pokemon dollars, you get a new hairstyle and hair color. If you just want a hairstyle change, it’s 4000, and it’s 2000 for just a change in color.

You won’t be able to preview any of the styles before you buy, though, so to avoid you needing to test out all the options (at the expense of your wallet), here are all of the male hairstyles available. If you’re looking for all of the female hairstyles, you can check all seven of them out over here.

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pokemon sun and moon hairstyles male
Ceaser cut


pokemon sun and moon hairstyles male
Modern quiff


pokemon sun and moon hairstyles male
Braided cornrows


pokemon sun and moon hairstyles male
Medium and smooth


pokemon sun and moon hairstyles male
Medium and layered

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