Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Master Balls

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With millions of players reaching the end of their journey in Pokemon Let’s Go, they might be wondering when the elusive Master Ball makes an appearance. Here’s how to get Master Balls in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu.

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For veterans of the series, the one guaranteed Maser Ball is exactly where it’s always been. Veterans and newcomers alike, though, should know that there is more than one Master Ball to get in the game now, a first for the Kanto region.

Before we take you to the best Pokeballs in the game, it’s important we talk about them first. You will be getting at least one Master Ball guaranteed, but more than that isn’t guaranteed. Because of that, you need to know that the Master Ball should be saved for a catch you really, really don’t want to miss.

Perhaps it’s Mewtwo. Maybe it’s a shiny you’ve spent hours and hours hunting down. Regardless, every pocket monster has the chance to flee and the rarer ones, such as Mewtwo and Shinies, will have an even higher chance to flee. We recommend saving the Master Ball for instances like this.

But, the ball is yours so feel free to use it on a Rattata if you wish.

The first thing you need to do in order to get a Master Ball is defeated the eighth gym leader. We won’t spoil who they are or where they’re located, but you need to defeat them and obtain their badge. Then, head to Saffron City.

Once there, head to the Silph Co. Head up to the top and speak with the Silph Co. President. After he sees that you’ve obtained all eight gym badges, he will give you a master ball.

That is the guaranteed way to get a Master Ball. If you’re looking to get more than one, you’re going to have to rely on chance.

First, head to Cerulean Cave. Once in there, head to Cerulean Cave 2F. Here, look for areas of the ground covered in crystal shards. What you’re looking for is a small, highlighted circle with glittering specs on it. Interact with it by pressing A and pray to the RNG gods.

Very, very, very rarely, one of these interactions will get you a Master Ball.

That does it for how to get Master Balls in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu. For more information on the game, check out our Pokemon Let’s Go Guide Wiki.

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