NBA 2K23 Download & Install Size Explained

NBA 2K23 Download & Install Size Explained

NBA 2K23 is a pretty huge game, and the download sizes certainly reflect that.

Games are only getting bigger and bigger when it comes to the toll they take on a hard drive. Considering the breadth of detail in one of the NBA 2K games, it makes sense that this would be a big one, and we want to give you an idea of that ahead of time. Here’s our explanation of the NBA 2K23 download and install sizes you can expect.

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NBA 2K23 Download Size

Let’s hope you have quite a bit of available space on your consoles or PC. If you’re picking NBA 2K23 up for the Xbox Series X|S or a PS5, there is a hefty download ahead of you.

Here are the download sizes for consoles and PC (credit to NBA2KW for the PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S size information):

  • Xbox Series X|S: 152 GB
  • Xbox One: TBC (reports of 95 GB)
  • PlayStation 5: 142 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 47 GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 49.5 GB
  • PC: 110 GB

If you’ve somehow held out on upgrading your Nintendo Switch storage, you’ll have no choice this time, as the base storage is only 32 GB. The massive size discrepancy between the current and last generation does do a great job of showing the difference in power between them, as well.

That’s all the information you’ll need for the NBA 2K23 download and install sizes you can expect. We’re hoping in these last few days before release you’ll be able to free up your hard drives. We also have an explanation guide for those who want the game but are unsure what edition is best for them.

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