Microsoft Flight Simulator: How to Fix Stuck on Checking for Updates Error

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is earning acclaim for setting a high watermark for the series. With its cutting-edge use of data-streaming tech to enhance photo-realistic graphics, a capable physics engine, and superbly detailed cockpits, the overall package is extremely impressive. But it isn’t without its issues. A number of players are reporting frustrating bugs and crashes. Here’s how to fix the stuck on checking for updates error in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Fix Stuck on Checking for Updates Error in Microsoft Flight Simulator

As mentioned above, there are several annoying crash issues that seem to be thwarting players during Flight Simulator’s launch window. The solutions for fixing them are pretty similar across the board, so we’ll list actions that seem to be working for most people below.

  • Restart the game (most common fix for this particular issue)
  • Boot the game from administrator (see this guide for instructions)
  • Download latest Windows updates
  • Download latest Nvidia driver updates
  • Disable Windows firewall

Unfortunately, the stuck on checking for updates error seems to be the bug that has the least concrete answer for fixing. Your best bet is apparently to just restart the game, or as a last resort uninstall/resinstall it.

Not a very scientific solution, we know, but it’s all that’s out there right now. You might like to keep an eye on this Reddit thread for other players who are reporting their experiences with the game and this issue moving forward.

For now, that’s all the information we have about how to fix the stuck on checking for updates issue in Microsoft Flight Simulator. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s extensive guide wiki.

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