Last of Us 2: Are There Cheats? Answered

The Ladt of Us 2, Are There Cheats? Answered

The Last of Us 2 is finally here, and it brings with it a slew of gameplay options you can apply to any given playthrough. With so many ways to alter the gameplay available, though, you might be wondering whether or not you can take it even further. So, are there cheats in The Last of Us 2? Here’s what you need to know.

Are There Cheats in The Last of Us 2? Answered

As of the Grounded update released on Aug. 13, The Last of Us 2 does include cheats you can apply to the game. They can all be accessed by selecting the Extras option from the main menu and then selecting the Gameplay Modifiers tab.

These cheats need to be unlocked with points that you can obtain by completing the main story, gathering collectibles and otherwise playing the game. They aren’t too difficult to get, and you should be able to get more than enough to unlock every cheat with a single playthrough.

Below you’ll find a table detailing each cheat, its point cost and how it affects the gameplay.

Cheat NamePoint CostDescription
Slow Motion20 PointsReduces game speed by 50 percent
Bullet Speed Mode20 PointsReduce the game’s speed to 25 percent while aiming
Infinite Ammo20 PointsGives you unlimited ammo for all weapons
Infinite Crafting20 PointsGives you infinite materials for crafting
Infinite Melee Durability20 PointsMelee Weapons never break
Infinite Listen Mode Range20 PointsCan hear every enemy within an area regardless of distance
One Shot20 PointsAll guns deal one-hit kills
Touch of Death20 PointsAll Melee attacks are one hit kills

How to Activate Accessibility Options

The Last of Us 2 also has several accessibility options you can apply to the game which serve many of the same functions as cheats.

These options can be accessed by going to the main menu, opening up the Accessibility menu and then selecting the appropriate sub-menu tied to whatever aspect of the gameplay you want to get a leg-up in. For example, if you want to skip puzzles at any time, you can go to the Accessibility menu, select the Navigation and Traversal sub-menu and then enable the Skip Puzzles option.

We’ve laid out some specific accessibility tweaks down below which can alter The Last of Us 2’s gameplay in your favor, as well as the menus where they can be found.

Accessibility OptionEffectWhere to Find it
Enhanced Listen ModeListen mode is stronger, detects enemies, items, and collectibles.Navigation and Traversal
Navigation AssistanceAutomatically points character toward objective by pressing L3.Navigation and Traversal
Ledge GuardPrevents you from falling off of ledges.Navigation and Traversal
Infinite BreathGives you infinite breath during underwater segments.Navigation and Traversal
Skip PuzzlesLets you skip all puzzles while active.Navigation and Traversal
Hostages Don’t EscapeHostages can’t break free from you.Combat Accessibility
Reduced Enemy PerceptionEnemies can’t detect you as easily.Combat Accessibility
Invisible While ProneEnemies won’t be able to detect you while you’re prone.Combat Accessibility
Reduced Weapon SwaySway while aiming all weapons is reduced.Combat Accessibility
Slow MotionTime slows while you’re aiming a weapon.Combat Accessibility
Allies Don’t Get GrabbedYour allies automatically escape when enemies grab themCombat Accessibility
Enhanced DodgeImproves your chances of dodging enemy attacksCombat Accessibility
Reduced Enemy AccuracyLowers the chance of enemies hitting you with projectilesCombat Accessibility
Enemies Don’t FlankEnemies won’t attack you from your blindspotsCombat Accessibility

Hopefully this cleared up whether there are cheats in The Last of Us 2. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki for guides on topics like how to save and whether there are romance options.

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