How to Beat Wasp Queen, it takes two

It Takes Two: How to Beat Wasp Queen Boss Battle Guide

It Takes Two follows the story of Cody and May, a soon to be separated couple that is transformed into doll-made counterparts following a wish from their young daughter, Rose. To get their bodies back, they must now work together, platforming, puzzling, and battling their way across dreamscape levels full of big baddies. Here is everything you need to know about how to beat the Wasp Queen in It Takes Two.

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How to Beat Wasp Queen in It Takes Two

Shortly after your boss battle with the Beetle, you’ll actually befriend the insect and ride him all the way to the level’s final battle, the Wasp Queen. This fight has multiple stages, with varying attacks and ways to do damage.

The way you’ll do damage during the first phase requires Cody to fire his tree sap gun on the bandages located all over the Wasp Queen’s body. Once stuck, have May fire her Drill Buzzer rifle to set off an explosion and do damage.

How to Beat Wasp Queen

You’ll need to hop on the rail to execute some of these maneuvers, which can be done by pressing RB on Xbox and R1 on PlayStation. Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the Wasp Queen’s weak points, a new phase will start.

The new phase sees the Wasp Queen shoot fire out of her stinger that covers the entire ground, killing May and Cody as soon as it touches them. This happens even if they touch the now molten ground. You can simply avoid this by either riding the rail or just standing on the area that is attached to the rail.

Only the honeycomb-looking ground ever turns molten, and even that dissipates after a few seconds. New weak points will have appeared, so be sure to use the same tactics as before.

As soon as the Wasp Queen’s body falls off, you’ll want to keep an eye out for her difficult new area-of-effect attack. This new attack pulls you into a top-down view, tasking you with jumping over waves of wasps that are overlapping each other.

It Takes Two, How to Beat Wasp Queen

It may take you a little to get the timing down, but surviving this allows you to do more damage. Shortly after this, yet another new attack that pulls you into a top-down view is introduced.

This time around, the wasps turn into scissors that follow you and attempt to damage you. While they are pretty slow, getting hit by these will knock you out in either one or two hits, so be sure to track their movement and jump over or out of the way accordingly.

Get past this and you’ll just need to get rid of the few weak points that are left. This time around, you’ll need to use tree sap and detonate the wasps that are protecting the Wasp Queen’s weak points before being able to get at them yourself.

How to Beat Wasp Queen

Once you do, the final stage will commence, as the platform drops out and sees May and Cody completely on rails. Aim for the chain that is holding her up and take out some of the wasps protecting her along the way.

You’ll need to do this a few times to defeat her. Keep in mind that the wasps will also try and knock you off the rails with sweeping attacks that you’ll need to jump over. If you do get hit by them, press RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation to grapple back to the rail.

That’s all you need to know for how to beat the Wasp Queen in It Takes Two. If you’re still looking for more info on the game, head over to our guide wiki or read our full review.

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