Is FootGolf in FIFA 23? Answered

With more and more buzz around FIFA 23, can fans expect to be able to play foot golf in EA's latest installment?

EA Sports is set to grace us with one last entry of their incredibly popular FIFA franchise on Sept. 27, 2022, but until that day comes, chatter about what features may or may not be included refuses to remain silent. Recently, one such idea started gaining a whole lot of steam, leading fans to ask the question: Will FootGolf be playable in FIFA 23? Well like it or not, we’ve got that answer for you.

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Will FIFA 23 Include a FootGolf Mode?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no, FootGolf will not be a playable game mode in FIFA 23. While EA’s latest entry does feature things such as the World Cup in Qatar, women’s club teams and leagues, and even the inclusion of fifth-tier Wrexham AFC, FootGolf will not be among the new involvements. So how, then, did this idea start to gather so much steam in the first place?

Simple. A single tweet from YouTuber Jake Barford is the culprit, though seriously, what a tweet it is. The image, which can be seen below, shows a digital rendering of Barcelona forward Memphis Depay getting ready to tee off on a golf course. Based on the reactions it garnered, a FootGolf mode seems like one fans would fully embrace.

An even better question would be: Who wouldn’t play a FootGolf mode if it were in FIFA? Nonetheless, fans will have to file this under wishful thinking for the time being. In recent years, FootGolf—which is simply football/soccer played under golf rules—has won the hearts of many. Therefore it is no surprise to see even the mere mention of it gain so much traction.

So that’s that, FIFA players—there will not be a FootGolf mode in FIFA 23. Perhaps this feels like a missed opportunity, but there’s still plenty to look forward to with regards to EA Sports’ final collaboration with FIFA. For more on that, keep your eyes on Twinfinite and be sure to check out more of our coverage at the links below.

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