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Is Batman Really Dead in Gotham Knights? Explained

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Is Batman Really Dead in Gotham Knights? Explained

Breaking down Batman’s death in Gotham Knights

Following the conclusion of the Arkham trilogy back in 2015, the premise of Gotham Knights is most certainly not what many gamers expected from the next Batman game. Bruce Wayne aka Batman has suddenly died leaving the Bat Family, heroes Batman specifically chose to be crime fighters, in charge to protect the streets and citizens of Gotham City. This premise was revealed during the world premiere trailer for Gotham Knights, and today, we’re going to be diving deeper into said premise. Is Batman really dead in Gotham Knights?.

How Did Batman Die in Gotham Knights? Answered

Batman’s death is caused by the activation of the self-destruction of the Batcave which results in him destroying the entire facility with him inside. This is mentioned in the beginning of the reveal trailer that debuted during the DC FanDome event in 2020.

Batman’s death is most certainly a surprise to many fans and, while it may seem like he may still make an appearance, the developers have confirmed that Batman is in fact dead. During a fan Q&A session at San Diego Comic-Con, creative director Patrick Redding confirmed that Batman is dead and will remain dead all the way through game’s entirety.

That is everything we know about Batman’s death in Gotham Knights. We have plenty more Gotham Knights content up already, so check out our related articles section for more hero-themed goodies. Ready to play the game? Critics might be divided, but we love it.

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