Who Controls the Snake Devil & Why Is She Working With the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man? Answered
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Is Akane Sawatari Dead in Chainsaw Man? Answered

'Tis but a scratch. It's just a flesh wound!

Now that Chainsaw Man’s first season is in the books, it looks as though good has triumphed over evil. While Samurai Sword was taken in captivity following a brutal beating, his enigmatic colleague, Akane Sawatari, seems to have met a different fate. So let’s unravel the mystery… is Akane Sawatari dead in Chainsaw Man?

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Please note, manga spoilers lie ahead. You probably already anticipated that, though.

Did Akane Sawatari Commit Suicide in Chainsaw Man?

Once the Ghost Devil had been bested and Kobeni had the drop on her, Sawatari was forced to submit to the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Stunningly, once she had been apprehended, the Snake Devil appeared without provocation, decapitating her before Kobeni’s eyes (and no doubt adding to the latter’s mounting trauma).

Though we’ve seen some characters get up from similar situations in the past — hello, Makima — we must be the bearer of bad news for Sawatari stans: as of this time, she has not reappeared in Chainsaw Man, and is unlikely to do so. For all intents and purposes, the removal of her head proved to be an effective manner of killing her.

As for why this occurred, in the subsequent briefing with her superiors, Makima posits that Sawatari’s death was likely a clause in her contract with the Gun Devil. By swiftly disposing of her before she could be interrogated, it is able to protect its location or weaknesses from being revealed.

Sawatari would have been aware of this possibility when she had originally made her contract with the Gun Devil, so in all likelihood, she was resigned to the knowledge that she was about to die. At the very least, she went out in style.

Now that you know if Akane Sawatari is dead in Chainsaw Man, you can delve a little deeper into her lore with guides like who controls the Snake Devil or why the Gun Devil is so powerful.

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