How to Unlock Sentinel’s Keep In Remnant 2
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How to Unlock Sentinel’s Keep in Remnant 2

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While exploring N’Erud in Remnant 2, you will discover a massive locked door leading to the Sentinel’s Keep. As expected, you can’t simply stroll into the abandoned structure and must obtain several keys to unlock the alien building. If you need help finding all Seeker Keys, you’ve come to the right place because we can help you locate them!

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Remnant 2 All Seeker Key Locations

In order to unlock the Sentinel’s Keep, you must obtain three Seeker Keys scattered throughout N’Erud. Each key is hidden inside a dungeon, and you must defeat countless waves of monsters to acquire them.

The first Seeker Key is located in the Seeker’s Rest, which should be the starting area for all players when they first enter N’Erud. You shouldn’t be able to miss obtaining this item since the game will block your path to the next chamber before you pick it up.

Seeker Key Locations in Remnant 2.
Image Credit: Gunfire Games via Twinfinite

Unfortunately, the two other Seeker Keys are harder to obtain and require you to explore N’Erud to find two more dungeons. Since Remnant 2 features randomly generated areas, some players may not encounter the same type of dungeon. For example, in my playthrough, the second Seeker Key was located inside The Hatchery, but I also saw other players who obtained the item from The Putrid Domain.

Luckily, it seems the position of the dungeon is fixed, and you can reach this location by heading southeast from the Ascension Spire, where you meet The Custodian. After you clear the dungeon and obtain the second Seeker Key, you can pass through the portal to enter the Timeless Horizon area.

Afterward, you must walk north until you discover the Spectrum Nexus, where the last Seeker Key rests. Once you complete the dungeon, you will encounter another portal that will take you directly to the locked door.

Before entering the Sentinel’s Keep and facing the final boss in N’Erud, I highly recommend returning to Ward 13 and upgrading your Relic capacity. Sha’Hala has many AoE attacks that can be hard to dodge, so having extra healing items will increase your chance of surviving this Remnant 2 boss battle!

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