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How to Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

There are multiple jobs to choose from when playing Harvestella. If you are wondering about them, read how to unlock all jobs in Harvestella.

One of the appealing factors of the newly released game Harvestella is the fact that you can switch between jobs. This is a feature found in other JRPGs, and we are all for it. Sometimes we feel like using magic, and other times we feel like pulling out the good ol’ sword. If you are wondering what all of the different jobs are or how you can go about getting them, we have written up a guide here on each job and how to unlock all jobs in Harvestella.

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Unlocking Jobs in Harvestella

Harvestella fighter class
Image Credit: Square Enix via Twinfinite

Every job in Harvestella has a unique prerequisite to unlocking it. Some require story progression while others require relationship progression with certain characters. If the latter is the case, it will happen naturally as you play and meet the characters. You do not need to worry about doing anything special, really.

In Harvestella, changing your job also means changing your outfit. This makes swapping even more exciting. Read on to find out how to unlock all jobs in Harvestella!


This is the first job that you will start with when you play Harvestella. Thankfully, there is nothing to unlocking it really other than playing the game.

Fighters are pretty much melee-focused with a few ranged attacks. They are well-rounded enough and good for those who like using swords.


This class is unlocked after defeating the first enemy that resists your Fighter job’s Slash attacks. This unlock will be in Higan Canyon. The Unicorn you come across will teach you the ways of a mage.

This class is pretty self-explanatory. Your attacks will be more long-ranged and they will be elemental. The first power you will be able to use has to do with lightning, and then you can unlock ice-related powers.

Sky Lancer

The Sky Lancer job is a class that you unlock after you increase your relationship with Asyl. It will grow over time.

This job is unique as it focuses on the usage of a spear with more area-dependent wind-based attacks.

Shadow Walker

If you want to unlock the Shadow Walker job, you will need to increase your relationship with Istina. This will grow over time.

This class is quite aggressive and it is definitely more tank-y. It is melee-based as you will wield two blades to deal damage.

Assault Savant

To unlock the Assault Savant job, you will need to work on increasing your relationship with Aria. This should increase over time.

The Assault Savant job combines martial arts and science in quite a unique way. It will switch around attack attributes and their effects.


If you are looking to unlock the Mechanic job, you will need to increase your relationship with Heine. This will progress over time.

The Mechanic class is pretty self-explanatory. It is more technical and tactic, focusing on physical attacks and bringing down enemies by making them weaker.


If you want to unlock the Woglinde job, you will need to increase your relationship with Emo. This will increase over time.

This unique class uses music as support, similar to the way bards work in other games. You will be using songs to help your party during combat.


To get the Avenger job, you will need to increase your relationship with Brakka. This will go up over time while playing.

Avangers are ranged fighters, using physical attacks that are enhanced by the elements. For instance, you will be using attacks that utilise fire or ice.


If you want to play as a Pilgrim, you will need to increase your relationship with Shrika. This relationship will build over time.

When playing as a Pilgrim, you will be using both magical and physical attacks as you have a magic sword equipped as your weapon. It is definitely a more well-rounded class.


Harvestella mage class
Image Credit: Square Enix via Twinfinite

If you want to unlock the Lunamancer job, you will need to increase your relationship with Dianthus. This will grow over time.

The Lunamancer class makes use of more area-wide attacks and deals magical damage to enemies.

Those are all the jobs that Harvestella has to offer. We hope that the details on how to unlock all jobs in Harvestella and what each job implies help you on your gameplay journey. Most will require some sort of relationship build-up with characters.

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