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How to Turn on Third Person Mode in Resident Evil Village

Here's how to experience Resident Evil Village's new third-person mode.

Resident Evil Village’s new Winters Expansion is almost here. Beyond offering a new story and playable characters, the first-person horror game will now receive a new third-person mode that puts its gameplay in line with that of the recent Resident Evil remakes. Here’s how you can turn on the third-person mode in Resident Evil Village.

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Enable Third-Person Mode in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village‘s third-person mode is only available if you purchase the Winters Expansion. It will not be available as a simple update; it will only become an option by paying $20 for the expansion (or by owning the Gold Edition that comes bundled with the expansion). Thus, owners of the base game that don’t want to purchase the expansion will be out of luck if they want to experience the third-person options.

Capcom has not commented on how you will be able to turn the mode on within the game. It’s fair to assume, though, that turning it on will be done with a simple menu toggle. As it is, we’ll have more information on how to turn it on as it becomes available.

Until then, that’s all we’ve got on how to turn on the third-person mode in Resident Evil Village. While you’re waiting for more information, Twinfinite has you covered with everything you need to know about Rose Winters, the star of the new expansion.

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