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How to Start Bounty Hunting Missions in GTA Online

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Knowing how to start bounty hunting missions in GTA Online is crucial if you want to track down baddies in the game’s big summer expansion. As part of the update, Maude’s daughter Jenette will now task you with finding wanted criminals for a cash reward. If you’re eager to dive in, here’s how to get started.

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Where to Start Bounty Hunting Jobs in GTA Online

To start a bounty hunting job in GTA Online, head to the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement building in the center of Los Santos. Its coordinates are 488.5563, -944.1021.

Prior to the release of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, this building is adorned with branding for The Look Depository. It’s located in the very center of Los Santos city, so you can’t miss it as you drive around downtown. Here’s what the building will look like following the update:

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Once you enter the building, you’ll likely watch a cutscene where your GTA Online character interacts with Jenette, the quest-giver for these new bounty hunting missions. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see what Rockstar has in store in terms of gameplay.

Similar to how bounties used to work in GTA Online’s earlier years, you’ll likely get a brief based on the target’s identity and the broad area to find them in. From there, it’s your job to hunt them down and bring them in, dead or alive.

In terms of rewards, Rockstar has yet to confirm what you’ll get for bringing in bounties. However, don’t be surprised to get plenty of GTA$, RP, and potentially some exclusive cosmetics to kit out your bounty hunter. Of course, as soon as we’ve got official confirmation as to the contents of this update, we’ll update this guide.

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