Franklin and Lamar.
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How to Complete Short Trips in GTA Online

A short guide for Short Trips

Two of the most memorable characters in the Grand Theft Auto franchise are Franklin and Lamar, who offer humorous moments together in GTA 5. They make an appearance in GTA Online through the new Short Trip missions. The following guide will show you how to activate Short Trips and play them in GTA Online.

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GTA Online Short Trips Walkthrough

Franklin in a car in GTA Online
Image Source: Rockstar Games

Firstly, you need to purchase an agency and complete The Contract DLC’s campaign, then complete Dr. Dre’s mission to unlock Short Trips. Following this, you’ll have to wait a while for Franklin to give you a call and invite you to the Record A Studios in Rockford Hills.

You’ll need a second person to help you complete the subsequent missions. This can be done by pairing up with a stranger in the lobby or with a friend. Following the first mission, you can trigger the rest of the Short Trip missions by entering the smoke room of Record A Studios. The Short Trips in GTA Online include Speed Capital, Fire it Up, and OG Kush.

The short missions are repeatable. This is done by opening the Pause menu and scrolling right to the Online tab. Here, select Jobs, then select Play Job. Scroll to Rockstar Created then choose Missions. Here you’ll find a list of missions, including the Short Trips.

It’s not hard to replay the Short Trips, though a little prep work is needed to trigger them for the first time. It is worth it, however, as the missions allow you to earn money easily.

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