How to Stagger Enemies for Fatal Strikes in Lies of P

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how to stagger enemies for fatal strike in lies of p
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As you make your way through Lies of P, you’re going to find that there are some attacks that deal significantly more damage than others, especially when timed properly. However, sometimes getting your timing down isn’t the only thing you need to get right, and this holds true for the Fatal Strikes. Here’s how to stagger enemies to use Fatal Strikes in Lies of P.

Lies of P Stagger Explained

lies of p staggered enemy
Image Source: Neowiz Games via Twinfinite

There are multiple ways to stagger enemies in Lies of P, but the more accessible route is to use Perfect Guards to build the enemy’s stagger bar. Timing a Guard just as the attack is about to strike will result in a Perfect Guard, which will redirect all incoming damage to your stamina bar instead of your health.

The other way to stagger your enemies comes from dealing damage to them, although Perfect Guards will be a safer way of staggering than simply trying to rush in and deal heavy damage. Perfect Guards will also build the enemy’s stagger bar faster than just dealing damage, but to inflict a Fatal Strike will require more than just that timing.

How to Perform Fatal Strike in Lies of P

lies of p parade master staggered
Image Source: Neowiz Games via Twinfinite

To perform a Fatal Strike, build your enemy’s stagger bar up to the point where their health bar is flashing in a white outline, then hit them with a Charged Attack. The targeting X will change to three slash marks which indicate that they’re vulnerable to a Fatal Strike.

When the three slash marks appear, you can’t perform a Fatal Strike from just anywhere, you have to be directly in front of the enemy. From in front of them, hit them with a regular attack to trigger the Fatal Strike animation. Make sure not to press the Attack button too early or before you’re in position to strike, otherwise it’ll just hit them with a regular basic attack.

That’s all there is to staggering enemies and performing Fatal Strikes in Lies of P. It can definitely be a little tricky to try and perfectly time those Guards, but once you get the hang of it you’ll come to find the game much more approachable. For more guides on Lies of P like how to use the Parade Leader’s Ergo, keep checking back here.

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