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How to Solve the Ice Teleporter Puzzle in Blacktail

How to Solve Ice Teleporter Puzzle in Blacktail
Image Source: The Parasight via Twinfinite

How to Solve the Ice Teleporter Puzzle in Blacktail

Once you know the path, doing this puzzle again isn’t so tough.

Towards the end of the story, you’ll come to a wide-open area with tons of Blink Idols and Twin Idols placed on very small ice pillars. Your goal is to figure out the right sequence to get you through and into the path to the end. Below is the full solution to the ice teleporter puzzle in Blacktail.

Blacktail Ice Pillar Idol Puzzle Solution

Seeing as every Twin Idol only ever connects to itself, the whole goal is to find the properly colored Twin Idol that leads to the end. Getting through this puzzle is required to continue on to the last story section of Blacktail.

  1. The final path from the Hut will be filled with crystals.

    At the very end will be a Blink Idol. Shoot the one on the other side.

    Ice Puzzle Step 1

  2. Once through the Blink Idol, shoot the next one at the start of this curved path.

    Ice Puzzle Step 2

  3. The curved path will end in a Twin Idol you’ll have to use.

    Ice Puzzle Step 3

  4. Once you’re through on the other side, look to the right of the Twin Idol at this Blink Idol.

    You might want to have an arrow ready as you adjust your position because there’s not much of a gap to shoot through. Once the Blink Idol lights up, immediately let go of the trigger and shoot the arrow.

    Ice Puzzle Step 4

  5. From the Blink Idol will be a short path to a Twin Idol.

    This will be the final Twin Idol and will get you to your destination.

    Ice Puzzle Step 5

The cat will be at the Save Shrine up ahead if you need to fast travel back to the Hut. However, if you use a cat anywhere else, you will have to redo this puzzle to get back here.

That is everything you need to do to solve the ice teleporter puzzle in Blacktail. As this guide puts you very near the end of the game, now would be a good idea to go back and learn all of your unlocked skills. If you don’t have enough teeth, we have a guide to help get you more.

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