Rover looking at the Clang Bang ice cube puzzle.
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How to Solve Clang Bang Puzzles in Wuthering Waves

Fill in the cubes.

Wuthering Waves 1.1 has introduced a multitude of new gameplay mechanics and environment puzzles, most of which you can find in the game’s new region, Mt. Firmament. The Clang Bang echo puzzle is one such confusing overworld puzzle you can stumble upon in this new icy land. Continue reading to learn how to solve Clang Bang puzzles in Wuthering Waves.

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Clang Bang Puzzle Solution in Wuthering Waves

Using the Clang Bang echo to fill the missing ice cube space.
Image Source: Kuro Games via Twinfinite

To solve the Clang Bang puzzles in Wuthering Waves, you must replicate the ice cube structures by transforming yourself into a Clang Bang cube echo and filling in the missing ice cube piece on the unfinished structure.

Observe the ice cube patterns to find which structure is incomplete and requires the ice cube. You can transform into a Clang Bang cube by interacting with a nearby platform.

The simplest Clang Bang puzzles in Wuthering Waves have two ice cube structures, in which you have to replicate the pattern of the left structure on the one on the right.

However, there are more complex versions of these on Mt. Firmament, with up to four ice cube structures.

For instance, you can come across a rather confusing one near Loong’s Rest, where the first ice structure (from the left) is replicating the third one, and you have to recreate the second one’s structure on the fourth one using the Clang Bang cube.

The solution for the Clang Bang echo puzzle in Xuanji Ridges.
Image Source: Kuro Games via Twinfinite

Likewise, there’s another Clang Bang puzzle next to the Xuanji Ridges resonance beacon, where the pattern of the first ice cube structure (from the left) is opposite of the third.

As such, you must use the Clang Bang to fill in the missing cube space on the fourth so that its pattern is opposite to the second structure.

It’s worth pointing out that simply filling in the gap with the Clang Bang cube won’t solve the puzzle. You must also align the symbols on the cube by facing the right direction.

Completing the Clang Bang puzzle will unlock the Advanced Supply Chest in the area. Don’t forget to loot it for Union XP, Astrites, Shell Credits, and other crafting materials

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