How to Score Downward Headers in EA FC 24

Get a little clinical when it matters most.

Downward Headers EA FC 24
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Every once in a while, regardless of the game mode you’re enjoying, you’ll need a difference-maker. There are plenty of ways to find the back of the net in EA FC 24, but one of the more advantageous ways is by perfecting the downward header. And that’s why we’re here: to walk you through how to score downward headers in EA FC 24.

Downward Headers Controls in EA FC 24

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As recently as FIFA 22, downward headers consisted of using both shoulder buttons on PlayStation and Xbox in combination with the shoot button. However, FIFA 23 moved away from this input, and EA FC 24 has continued in that same vein.

This year, as the ball comes in (whether from a corner, cross, or free kick), players will only have to tap the shoot button and direct it downward to come off the way it should. Timing is incredibly crucial, though. Hit it too soon, and players risk attempting a regular, softer header. Additionally, we’ve found more success holding down or tapping the right shoulder button just before executing a header:

  • PlayStation: R1 + O
  • Xbox: RB + B
  • Nintendo Switch: R + A

Be warned, if you tap or hold both the right and left shoulder buttons before tapping to shoot, it will turn into a power shot. Assuming the ball has some decent height when the delivery comes in, you’ll want to avoid that.

When to Use Downward Headers in EA FC 24

While everyone who plays the sport can head the ball, there are advantages to having a taller target man up top. Likewise, deciding to head the ball may very well come down to preference. Lobbed crosses into the box or corners are probably your best bet, though.

That’s everything we’ve got on how to score downward headers in EA FC 24. While we continue tinkering, there’s plenty more FC 24 coverage for you to enjoy. Looking for the latest ICONs? Curious about the new Squad Foundations Objectives? All you need to do is check out the links below.

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