How to Play FIFA 23 with Friends

How to Play FIFA 23 with Friends

Team up and enjoy FIFA 23 with your friends.

As with most sports games, having people over to enjoy the spectacle or take part is always a recipe for a good time. In FIFA 23, that is certainly the case, and there are myriad ways in which friends and family can enjoy the Beautiful Game together. Here is everything you need to know about how to play with friends in FIFA 23, regardless of the mode you prefer.

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How to Play With Friends in FIFA 23

Kick Off

The easiest way to get things started without too much of a fuss, head to the Kick Off section in the main menu to get started. After downloading and applying online squads, you and your mates can select your sides, enhanced further by signing in with your accounts to track records more accurately.

FIFA 23 Kick Off

After that, you can make your choice of game type from the following:

  • Classic Match
  • House Rules
  • Volta Football
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Conmebol Libertadores
  • Cup Final
  • Home & Away
  • Best of Series

House Rules is the game mode with the most flexibility when it comes to different experiences, with Mystery Ball, King of the Hill, or Headers & Volleys among others to spice things up.

How to Play With Friends in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team continues to be a big draw for many players, and you can challenge your friends by going to the Friendlies section under Play.

Choose from either local couch co-op or online play, select your teams, and get started. If you are looking to try out Draft, Division Rivals, or Squad Battles with a friend, you can always add a new player once a match has been found.

Similarly, you can start a co-op lobby and invite a friend to enjoy online co-op together, before seeking out a match in Rivals or Squad Battles as mentioned above.

How to Play Co-Op Seasons in FIFA 23

If you’ve got one friend you want to try and take on the world with, FIFA 22’s Co-Op Seasons are great fun. Together, you can choose a team and take on other pairs of players to try and reach Division One.

To do so, head to the Play part of the main menu, choose to continue an existing season or start a new one, then invite who you want to play with from the list. Then, just select the team you want and look for an opponent.

How to Play Pro Clubs with Friends

With Pro Clubs primarily made for multiplayer, getting started is an easy enough affair. Simply create your Pro, then join or create a team with your friends’ fellow Pros as well. Filling out a team of 11, each with their specific roles and position, is going to be tough, but if you succeed, it will be the closest thing to having a real-life kickabout.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

Once the club is ready, you can then choose to join a match online and seek to beat other teams at the game. Just remember to pick the right position for your player.

How to Play Volta With Friends in FIFA 23

Lastly, it is time to take to the streets with Volta, with three ways to enjoy yourselves.

Volta Squads is the standard experience with your friends against others in online play. Just invite your friends to join your lobby and you can stick together throughout all of Volta modes.

FIFA 23 Volta

Volta Arcade allows your crew to play a variety of party games in time-limited Arcade tournaments. And for Volta Battles, you can enjoy solo play or team up with friends in local co-op.

That is everything you need to know about how to play with friends in FIFA 23. Be sure to search for more useful tips and guides on the game, including how to complete the early pack objectives, get coins fast in Ultimate Team, and what time the Marquee matchups go live.

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