How to Mod Weapons in Starfield
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How to Mod Weapons in Starfield

This gun is good, but I need it to be... better.

For those of you that love to finely tune and play around with your in-game weapons, you will be happy to know that Bethesda have once again included weapons modification in their latest title. So if you want to know exactly how to mod weapons in Starfield, we’re here to help!

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Starfield Weapon Mods: How and Where to Unlock Them

In order to start modding your weapons, you will first need a weapons bench. Much like in other games that utilize the weapons modification feature, this is a workbench where you will be able to apply upgrades to your guns to improve their functionality.

weapon mods bench, starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

Doing so allows you to do everything from decrease reload time, increase ammo capacity, and improve aiming accuracy, as well as apply other upgrades in similar veins.

Once you get to a weapons bench, you will be able to unlock various mods by spending some of your resources. Some are available from the start, whereas others can only be unlocked after you have put skill points into the more advanced rankings of the Weapon Engineering skill.

Modding weapons in Starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

To unlock the best mods, you will need to commit pretty heavily to upgrading the Weapon Engineering section on your skill tree. After you have unlocked the first rank, you will then be able to see the higher ranks and what percentage of improvement they will add to your weapon mods.

Ain’t tinkering with your guns just nifty? Only in Starfield though, not in actual outer space.

For now though, that’s everything you need to know about modding weapons in Starfield. For more on the game, you can check out our related guides down below. And as always, stay tuned to Twinfinite for coverage on Bethesda’s sci-fi epic.

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