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How to Get Trauma Team Uniform and Mini AV in Cyberpunk 2077

The closest we'll get to joining.

Ever wanted to role-play as a member of Trauma Team? Well, here’s how to get the Trauma Team uniform and a mini AV in Cyberpunk 2077‘s Trauma Drama game.

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Among the sheer mountain of new content put into Patch 2.0 is an arcade game by the name of Trauma Drama. It’s a cool little minigame that joins the Roach Race game and the new secret Arasaka Tower arcade game as part of Cyberpunk 2077’s many side diversions.

This specific minigame has an edge over the others since the Trauma Team uniform is rewarded after beating its challenge.

Where to Find the Trauma Drama Arcade Game

Cyberpunk 2077’s arcade cabinets are littered in many dingy diners and bars, but the playable ones are few and far between. Trauma Drama in particular only has one location, and that’s in the Kabuki District over in Watson.

Start off in the Kabuki Market fast-travel spot. Now, get up to the center market island’s Netrunner store.

market in kabuki
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If you don’t have the cyberware legs that grant double jump ability, using the bridge might be an easier way to get to the Netrunner store up top. Here’s the stairway to the bridge, right near the fast-travel terminal.

bridge in kabuki market
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Head inside the Netrunner store and you’ll see three arcade machines on the right. Trauma Drama is in the middle, usually with some goon playing it. Just walk up to the machine and hit the interact button; the person playing on the machine won’t bother you.

cyberware store kabuki market
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How to Beat the Trauma Drama Arcade Game

Trauma Drama is a very difficult arcade shoot-em-up if you’re trying to beat the 443,000 score legit.

Update: Unfortunately, there’s no longer a cheese strategy to get this high score. Patch 2.01 removed the helicopter spam strategy, sigh. But, hey, it’s still a fun game on its own if you enjoy sh’mups!

trauma drama start screen
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There’s a catch to doing the cheese method. 20 minutes of your time will be spent holding down the shoot button while staying in place… Yeah, it’s either that or “git gud” because 433,000 points requires a near-perfect run-through of the entire arcade game’s 18 stages with no deaths.

To cheese it, reach stage 1-3. The combat shuttles part-way through this stage will infinitely spawn soldiers. Instead of shooting the combat shuttle, just focus on shooting the infinitely spawning soldiers deploying from the shuttle.

shuttle deploying soldiers trauma drama
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I found that standing in place on the lower right ledge and holding down the shoot button finishes off each soldier as they drop without any issues. This method will net you around 1,000 or so points every two seconds, which generally takes 20 minutes total to reach the 433,000 score.

After getting 433,000 points, you can simply get a game over and V’s name will sit at the very top with the highest score.

How to Collect the Trauma Team Rewards

When you walk away from the arcade machine, an automated message will appear on the phone inviting you to join Trauma Team’s internship program (unpaid!). Who knew playing arcade games is all you need to take part in such an illustrious position?

a message to join trauma team unpaid internship
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Now you need to accept their unpaid internship offer. To accept, just use a computer in an apartment room or around the city and click on the Trauma Team link.

trauma team webpage rewards
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Head to the “We want you!” link and you’ll get a notification to pick up your outfit at the Watson Med Center. You’ll see the objective marker after doing this, so head over there to claim your well-earned reward.

opening reward to get trauma team outfit
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And there you go! The Trauma Team uniform looks very cool and actually serves as a unique addition (like my personal favorite, the Ken Block tribute car) to the game that players have asked for since release. The mini AV is a nice addition to V’s apartment, though it only shows up at the Watson apartment building.

posing in trauma team uniform with mini av
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That’s how you get the Trauma Team uniform and mini AV. For more tips and guides for Cyberpunk 2077 and the Phantom Liberty expansion, check out Twinfinite!

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