How To Get The Whistler’s Whim Trials of Osiris Bow in Destiny 2 & What Is the God Roll?

Here's how to get the brand new Trials of Osiris Bow, Whistler's Whim.

Trials of Osiris has finally returned in Destiny 2 and brought new loot for all to enjoy. One of which is a broken new bow called Whistler’s Whim – rumor has it this weapon can one-shot people in PVP. We’ll let the players verify if the rumors are true, but in the meantime, let’s discuss how to get the Whistler’s Whim Bow and what the God Roll for it is.

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How To Get Whistler’s Whim in Destiny 2

Friendly reminder, this game mode is very competitive, so it’s recommended you find two others to queue up with. If you think you’re skilled enough to play alone, then, by all means, give it a whirl.

How to get Whistler’s Whim in Destiny 2

  1. Select Trials of Osiris.

    Trials of Osiris is a weekend exclusive game mode, starting every Friday at the daily reset until the daily reset on the following Tuesday. Go to the crucible tab on your destination screen and select the featured Trials of Osiris game mode for that week.

  2. Earn Reputation points via kills and match completions

    Like Iron Banner, to increase your Trials of Osiris rank, you must get kills and complete matches. If you leave early, your points will not be counted towards your rank. The more kills you get, the more points you earn. Destiny 2

  3. Earn Trials Engrams and buy a copy of Whistler’s Whim

    After ranking up a few times, head back to Saint-14 in the Tower Hanger. He’ll be waiting for you with Trials Engrams as a reward for ranking up. You can either decode your Engram at Master Rahool, or focus it at Saint-14 to buy a copy of Whistler’s Whim. However, before you do so, you must have gotten at least copy of it prior to buying one. If you have yet to obtain one, head over to Master Rahool and decode your Engrams until you get one.

What Is The God Roll For Whistler’s Whim in Destiny 2?

As mentioned before, Whistler’s Whim can theoretically one-shot players in PVP. However, with this unique perk selection, it can. According to, the best pair of perks considered to be the “God Roll” for the weapon is Rapid Hit and Kill Clip.

Rapid Hit gives increased stability and reloads speed for a short period after landing precision hits in quick succession. In contrast, the kill clip gives a 33% damage increase upon reloading after a kill. If you trigger Kill Clip after a successful kill, you can proceed to one-shot people upon landing headshots on them. A bow being able to do this in PVP is ludicrous even to consider, making it a force to be reckoned with in PVP activities.

How To Get The Adept Version of Whistler’s Whim

If you’ve played Destiny for a while, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Go Flawless” in regards to Trials of Osiris before. What that entitles, is winning seven matches in a row, and then traveling to the Lighthouse. Each week, the featured reward for the Lighthouse changes. As an example, the Adept version of the Forgiveness Sidearm is available this week.

If you’re looking to obtain an Adept version of the Whistler’s Whim, you’ll have to wait until it becomes the featured reward for going Flawless in Trials that given week. There is no indication of when a certain weapon will become featured or not. Keeping checking with Saint-14 each week to see what the Adept weapon is available.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Whistler’s Whim in Destiny 2. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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