How To Get Special Clearance in Genshin Impact

How To Get Special Clearance in Genshin Impact

Unlock doorways with the Special Clearance of Genshin Impact.

The latest Genshin Impact Version 3.1 showcases a new puzzle prohibiting players from entering certain areas. So, if you are currently facing this issue, we’ll show you how to get Special Clearance to access these locations. Special Clearance is also sometimes referred to as “Increase Clearance,” just so you know. We’ll also explain the intricate puzzles you must solve to open other pathways.

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Special Clearance in Genshin Impact, Explained

Special Clearance in Genshin Impact
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In the Golden Slumber World Quest, players will come across a red book known as the “Scarlet Sand Slate” while exploring the ruins of King Deshret. However, once you try to access these devices, a message will appear, stating that you don’t have “Special Clearance” to enter. Fortunately, players can obtain Special Clearance by progressing further into the Golden Slumber storyline.

After you reach a specific point in this mission of Genshin Impact, Tirzad will give you the clearance to open these entryways. In addition, you’ll notice that some of these books will now have a blue color, indicating that these mechanisms are available to activate.

As time progresses, players will run into other puzzles that forbid them from gaining access to these devices. For example, you’ll need to interact with the Forged Primal Lights and use them with a nearby mechanism (the blue item will follow you until you place it on the structure).

The Mysterious Replicator Keystones in Genshin Impact
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Then, players will have to link these devices together by rotating them, resulting in an illuminated blue line that will unlock the Scarlet Sand Slate:

Puzzle in Genshin Impact
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You’ll increase your Special Clearance levels as you continue with the Golden Slumber World Quest of Genshin Impact. But keep in mind that there could be a few enemies nearby after you open the doorway.

Now that you know how to get Special Clearance in Genshin Impact and increase your clearance, you can try to complete more missions in the Golden Slumber quest. For more content about the game, you can check out the relevant links below and view our guides about where to find Redcrest, the Canvas of Starlight Memories web event, all Scarab locations, and how to get Candace.

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