how to get past the plane in somerville.

How to Get Past the Plane in Somerville

How to get past the pesky plane in Somerville.

Jumpship’s debut game is a mysterious puzzler that isn’t always especially clear about what the critical path is to progress, especially so during its opening chapters as you learn the mechanics. Here we’re explaining how to get past the plane in Somerville if you’re struggling with this particular scene.

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Getting Past the Plane in Somerville Explained

As with so many early game puzzles in Somerville, the actual solution to the puzzle is actually really simple. If you’re having trouble working it out it’s probably because you’ve not realized how to interact with the environment properly rather than failing to work out what is likely the correct thing to do.

When you approach the stricken aircraft you will have noticed there is a light that you can interact with and then press LT/L2 to activate your power and melt the sediment that is blocking your path. Of course, if you do this then a huge chunk of sediment falls on your head and immediately kills you.

So, what gives? Well, it’s simply a case of heaving back on the analog stick to direct the light upward so that you can melt away the dangerous part of the sediment first. In the YouTube video below you can check out a demonstration of how to go about this.

That does it for everything you need to know about how to get past the plane in Somerville. For more useful content on the game, do check out our review, as well as some of the related articles listed below.

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