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How to Get Loba’s ‘Garra de Alanza’ Heirloom in Apex Legends

How to Get Loba’s 'Garra de Alanza' Heirloom in Apex Legends

How to Get Loba’s ‘Garra de Alanza’ Heirloom in Apex Legends

Loba’s Heirloom does look awesome, but these are never cheap.

Apex Legends Heirlooms are a nice way to connect further with your favorite Legends. They provide not only a piece of lore but are rare enough that they also feel like an item made for bragging rights. With just about each new collection event, a different character gets their heirloom revealed. This time, the heirloom is the Garra de Alanza for Loba, and we’ll tell you how to get it for yourself.

How to Get the Garra de Alanza Heirloom for Loba

As with all heirlooms, there will be two ways to get your hands on the Garra de Alanza, but one of them isn’t exactly cheap.

Heirloom Shards

Heirloom shreds cannot be bought. Instead, you have a chance to get some every time you open an Apex Pack. However, the said chance is tiny, less than 1%. If you do manage to get lucky, you’ll receive 150 Heirloom Shards, enough to afford just one Heirloom from the Mythics menu. The Mythics menu is in the third section of the shop and can be viewed at any time.

The good news is that all players are guaranteed to receive Heirloom Shards by or on their 500th opened Apex Pack. The bad news is that there’s no real way to figure out how many Apex Packs you have opened. This method will likely not get you any Heirloom Shards by the end of the Beast of Prey Collection Event, but you will eventually be able to pick up this Heirloom.

Purchasing Collection Event Packs

This is a very simple way to get the Heirloom, but also the most expensive. To obtain a new Heirloom offered in a collection event, you’ll be needing to collect every single cosmetic in the event.

Collection event packs will run you 700 Apex Coins and will give one event cosmetic and two normal Apex Pack cosmetics. The smallest bundle of Apex Coins you can buy at one time is 500 for $5. The Beast of Prey collection event will feature (as they all do) 24 cosmetic items.

With those 24 items, you’re looking at spending 16,800 Apex Coins. Those 16,800 coins will cost you roughly $160. This is because 11,500 coins (including bonus) comes to $99.99 and 6,700 coins (also including bonus) costs $59.99.

You can always craft the cosmetics in the event with materials, but this is likely impossible to do for all of them. Each legendary is 2,400 materials and each season’s battle pass will only get you 1,200.

All those Loba players do have a cool Heirloom to unlock. That’s everything you need to know for how to get Loba’s Garra de Alanza Heirloom in Apex Legends. If you’re looking for more Apex Legends content, check out the links below.

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