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How to Get Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Everstone prevents Pokemon from evolving.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a massive collection of stones that serve different purposes in the game. One such stone, in particular, is Everstone which stops Pokemon from evolving when the critter is holding it. At this point, you might think, what is the point of preventing Pokemon from evolving? Well, if this query strikes your mind, then you’ll have to keep reading this article to find out the applications of Everstone. First of all, let’s start with where you can get Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where To Find Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The only way to obtain Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is by purchasing it from Delibird Presents shop for 3000 Pokedollars. Players can head to any present shop branch to purchase this anti-evolutionary stone.

Where To Find Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image source: The Pokemon Company

However, unlike other evolution stones that require you to get six badges, the Everstone becomes available in the shop right after the beginning of the game. After heading to the presents shop, navigate to the General items to purchase Everstone.

Everstone Uses & Effects

The only use of Everstone in the game is guaranteeing a certain nature of the child Pokemon. If you weren’t aware, Natures are randomly selected for the Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, if you make the parent Pokemon hold an Everstone, then there is a high chance that the hatched Pokemon will inherit the exact Nature.

To make your Pokemon hold the Everstone, press X on your Nintendo Switch and then select the Pokemon with the A button. Finally, ask the critter to hold the item.

The in-game description of the Everstone states:

“An item to be held by a Pokémon. A Pokémon holding this peculiar stone is prevented from evolving.”

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining an Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more helpful guides, tips, and tricks for the game, check out the rest of our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content. We have a wide range of knowledge that can assist you on your journey throughout Paldea, such as how to evolve Shroodle into Grafaifai and how to evolve Flittle into Espathra.

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