How To Do the La Croqueta in FIFA 23

How to Do the La Croqueta in FIFA 23

Trying to master the La Croqueta for FIFA 23? Here's everything you'll need to know.

One of the best ways to penetrate defenses in a game like FIFA 23 is to take advantage of the skill moves system. It might not always be the most realistic, but it does make for an arcade-like experience that will benefit those that put in the time to master the various tricks and flicks. If you are itching to get styling, here’s how to do the La Croqueta in FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23 La Croqueta – How to Do It on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S & Nintendo Switch

The basic requirement for a La Croqueta to be possible is that you will need to be controlling a player with at least four stars in skill moves. Otherwise, you will be getting random tricks instead. Just like all skill moves, it requires input via the right stick.

Depending on the direction you are looking to face after the trick, this is what you’ll need to do on Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S, PS4/PS5, and Switch

PlatformLa Croqueta Input
PS4/PS5L1 + right analog stick left or right (depending on direction you want player to go)
Xbox One/Xbox Series X|SLB + right analog stick left or right
Nintendo SwitchL + right analog stick left or right
La Croqueta in FIFA 23
Image Source: EA Games via Twinfinite

Best Tips for Using La Croqueta in FIFA 23

The La Croqueta remains one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of the chasing defender and providing an opportunity for a good pass or shot at goal. This is particularly so when you are running on the wing and looking to cut into the box.

Try to utilize the skill move when running into the box from an angle, which will then open up more space for your next move.

This is quite similar to the heel-to-heel flick, but what the La Croqueta does better is ensuring that the ball stays much closer to your player, meaning you will have more control whether it be a pass, shot, or agile dribbling that comes next.

That’s everything you need to know on how to do La Croqueta in FIFA 23. For more help about the game, be sure to read up on guides such as the best La Liga players, what songs to look out for in the soundtrack, or how chemistry works in FUT. Otherwise, feel free to peruse some of the related content below.

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