How to Dive in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to Dive in Hogwarts Legacy Image Source: Avalanche Software

There is plenty to explore in Hogwarts Legacy, and players can journey through the air, run around on foot, or even venture underwater. That’s right, even the bodies of water in the game hold plenty of secrets. Here’s how to dive in Hogwarts Legacy and find aquatic treasures.

How to Dive Underwater in Hogwarts Legacy

Diving Spot
Image Source: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

Unlike many games, diving in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t something you can do just anywhere. Instead, you must look for these whirlpools while swimming. Luckily they are very visible, and you can easily spot them from the sky while flying around on your broom.

Once over them, you only need to hold the button seen above the swirling water to dive. You won’t actually be exploring underwater, however. These spots typically bring you to caves that can only be found through diving, but the transition happens instantly. This means that though you access them from water, they will all be dry land areas.

As far as when you’ll have to dive for story purposes, it is necessary to complete the Lost Astrolabe quest and a couple of others. Aside from that, diving is purely up to you and can be tackled whenever. There’s plenty of water to be found throughout the game, so taking a break from a task to take a quick look is never a bad idea.

That’s everything you need to know regarding how to dive in Hogwarts Legacy. Check the links below for more guides to make your magical journey easier.

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