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How to Complete the Vox Obscura Quest in Destiny 2

How to Complete the Vox Obscura Quest in Destiny 2
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How to Complete the Vox Obscura Quest in Destiny 2

The time limits are what make the Vox Obscura quest difficult.

The Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2 was first introduced in Season 16 but has remained relevant thanks to the terrific Exotic weapon reward it gives. If you haven’t attempted this quest before, we’ve got all the information you need. Here’s how to complete the Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2.

Vox Obscura Destiny 2 Quest Walkthrough

For finishing the Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2, you’ll be awarded the Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher.

  1. The recommended Light level you’ll want to be at before attempting this quest is 1,550.

    This will be part of the Operation Elbrus questline.

  2. Upon starting the quest, you’ll be on Mars outside of a Cabal Hangar.

    Your objective is to get your hands on a Cabal Interceptor. This section isn’t timed. but you can still choose to either kill the enemies in the area with you or just run past them. You can run inside whenever you want.

  3. You’ll face a few enemies as well as a couple of turrets once inside.

    They should pose much threat. Once all enemies have been killed, jump onto an Interceptor. It will then blow out the hangar door in front of you, and a countdown will start.

  4. You’ll have four minutes and 30 seconds for the next section of the quest.

    You’ll have to kill the first Goliath tank that spawns in front of you. Afterward, Amanda Holliday will drop you a Drake for the next part that requires you to take out a further two Goliath tanks to expose the three signal towers in the area.

  5. The weak point of the towers are the three orange generators around each one.

    Destroying these will allow you to damage the tower itself. Each tower will take two hits from the Drake’s gun to fall.

  6. The timer will disappear when you finish in time, and now you just have to destroy the other hangar door with the Drake to continue.

  7. This new area will start a 10-minute timer. You’ll need to use three control panels to gain access to the boss.

    All three panels will be visible on your HUD, so no one should get lost when your Fireteam splits up to get it done. Note: the boss fight is also part of the 10-minute time limit.

  8. With all three panels handled, a decent group of enemies will spawn outside of the boss room.

    You can either fight them all or all beeline for the boss room door. Considering the clock is ticking, the latter option is the most adviseable.

  9. You will now be facing off against Qabix, Insurgent.

    Qabix has a strange movement pattern, so you’ll want to stun it first with a heavy weapon. Have whichever member of your group is the best sniper post up at one of the edges of the room for clear shots. There are three phases to this fight that will spawn enemies whenever you drop Qabix down to a third of its health, and the boss will become invulnerable to damage.

  10. Once Qabix, Insurgent is dead, the counter will stop letting you know you’ve won.

    Now simply follow the waypoint marker and listen to the broadcast you have been led to for the quest to complete.

This is everything you need to know about how to complete the Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2. If you’re trying to collect everything in the new season 19, here’s what we know about if there is new Exotic armor.

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