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How to Best Conquer Head-to-Head Games in NBA All-World

Always attack the rack.

Drills come in all shapes and sizes in NBA All-World, but every so often players will have to face off with an opponent directly. That’s right, a one-on-one battle to the death — err, typically three points. So while you could attempt to drain a series of long-range jumpers, an easier way exists. That’s why we’re here to show you how to best conquer head-to-head games in NBA All-World.

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Guide to Winning Head-to-Head in NBA All-World

Players won’t always start with the ball, but these encounters will always begin at the top of the arc. Surprising the opponent with a long- or mid-range jumper is an option, but unless you’re able to consistently gain separation from the opponent, it’s more likely that your attempt will result in a block.

Instead, as the screenshot below demonstrates, you should try to get as close to the basket as possible as often as possible. This will help in a couple of different ways.

Head-to-Head NBA All-World
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In reality, a close-range shot is a higher percentage shot. This is taken into account in All-World, as a close-range shot means you’ll have some wiggle room with the shot meter. Instead of having to stop the meter in the green, which is almost always necessary when attempting long-range shots, players can stop the meter in yellow or even red depending on how close they are to the basket.

In order to successfully drive the lane, you’ll have to consistently change direction when dribbling. Take too long, however, and the likelihood of a steal increases. But if you’re able to gain the necessary separation, you may be treated to an animation resembling the one below.

NBA All-World Conquer Head-to-Head
Image Source: Niantic via Twinfinite

Here, the opponent is powerless to stop you. That said, an animation like this one doesn’t always guarantee a basket. If they’re close enough to the drive, the opponent can block your shot at the last moment. Still, high percentage is high percentage, and it beats settling for jumpers. Winning these allows you to more easily progress, leveling up that specific player in the process. But be sure to keep your roster energized, and if you’re about to take on a stronger opponent, keep the various skill boosts in mind.

But let’s flip things for a moment. Defensively, going for a steal early isn’t the worst approach. Mistime it though, and your opponent will have an easier path to the basket. Therefore, you risk handing them an avoidable advantage. This can be especially damning if you do not begin the contest with the ball. While you should always play to your player’s strengths, waiting for the opponent to shoot and timing your block attempt just right is the better option.

That’s all you need to know about how to best conquer head-to-head games in NBA All-World. For more tips, make sure you keep it at Twinfinite by checking out our other guides, features, and news updates at the countless links below.

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