How to Beat the Lurking Steel Titan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Titan battles are nothing to be afraid of.

Arven introduces you to the Path of Legends. Image Source: The Pokemon Company

The Path of Legends in Scarlet and Violet is a welcome addition to the Pokemon story because it’s a fun way to introduce Pokemon from a new generation and it’s much less cumbersome than HMs for allowing access to new areas of the map. One of the challenges involves an Orthworm and boosts Koraidon and Miraidon’s jump height. Here’s everything you need to know on how to beat the Lurking Steel Titan in Scarlet and Violet.

How Do You Beat the Lurking Steel Titan in Scarlet and Violet? Answered

Battling the Titans isn’t overly difficult if you have the right Pokemon with you. Finding them in a large open world is a bit of a challenge even with a map, so set the Titan challenge as your destination and pay attention what direction you need to go. The giant Orthworm is just outside one of many caves in the mines near Levincia, here are some directions to keep you on the right track:

  • Head North from Levincia up the hill to the rocky area.
  • Take a left up a smaller hill past a miner.
  • Head around the curve and don’t jump the fence to your right.
  • Keep going straight until you see a cave with a light at the end off to the right.
  • Follow Orthworm while it pops out of different holes in the rock.
The Battle with Orthworm begins Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

Once the battle begins, don’t use any Ground moves because Orthworm has the Ability Earth Eater (Water Absorb for Ground moves) and isn’t damaged by them. Stick to Fighting and Fire moves. Low Kick is especially good since its power is maxed out by giant Pokemon. The Orthworm tries to hide from you by digging a new cave but follow it inside to continue the battle. It only takes a few super effective attacks to knock it out, especially if you Terastallize first.

That’s everything we have on beating the Lurking Steel Titan in Scarlet and Violet. Check out some of our other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content like where to find Cufant, Klawf, and shiny hunting tips.

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