How to Beat the Construct Boss in Scars Above

Let's see if you can swim.

How to Beat the Construct Boss in Scars Above Image Source: Mad Head Games via Twinfinite

The most involved fights throughout Scars Above are all the boss fights, which task players with using their combined weaponry to win. However, one of these relies entirely on players remembering mechanics taught at the beginning of the game. Here’s exactly how to beat the Construct boss in Scars Above.

Scars Above Construct Boss Strategy

The Construct boss is first encountered in the snow biome after you’ve visited the Hermes, a little over halfway through Scars Above. The fight will take place on top of a frozen-over lake which should be your first clue based on environmental lessons you’ve learned recently.

The boss will jump around, but you’ll want to stick close to where it lands. When it is stationary, shoot out the ice using the Fire Gun underneath three of its feet to break the ice under it and drop it into the water.

The Construct Leg Stuck
Image Source: Mad Head Games via Twinfinite

Once mostly submerged, electric components will pop out of the Construct’s body. At this point, pull out VERA to damage these weak points and deal massive damage.

The Construct Vulnerable
Image Source: Mad Head Games via Twinfinite

This is the whole strategy for this part of the fight because once you get the Construct to half its health, it will run away.

The second part of the fight won’t be for a little longer, but you’ll know the arena the second you see it as it is once again just a huge frozen lake.

The Construct will have fully healed, but it won’t be any tougher than before, so repeat the process of dropping the legs through the ice. Once again, the fight will evolve once you get the boss down to half-health. It will jump out of the water and onto several recessed areas higher up around the area.

At this point, don’t focus on The Construct at all. You can do damage with VERA, but it will be middling at best and take forever. Instead, aim VERA at the same white circles you used to open doors at the beginning of the game, below where the Construct is sitting. You’ll want to be quick because it won’t sit in one place long.

 White Nodes to Shoot
Image Source: Mad Head Games via Twinfinite

Once you hit all the white circles, the Construct will drop to the floor below and will once again allow for free hits on its electrical components. This should be doable in a single cycle, and it shouldn’t have any health remaining after this.

With that, the boss is defeated, and you can scan it for your rewards.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat the Construct boss in Scars Above. For more Scars Above guides, check out the links below.

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