Defeating Team Star's Fire Crew

How To Beat Team Star Fire Crew in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Complete this important task of Operation Starfall in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The Starfall Street storyline of Scarlet and Violet requires players to defeat five crews for Operation Starfall. One of the first groups you’ll run into is the Fire Crew, a team with various Fire-type Pokemon. So, if you want to complete this mission of the game, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to beat Team Star’s Fire Crew in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Defeating Team Star Fire Crew in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

When players explore East Province (Area One) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they’ll find the base of Team Star’s Fire Crew. But, before you enter this establishment, you should have a few Pokemon that are at around level 26 to 27 to eliminate the opposing team.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you beat this powerful group:

  1. Defeat the Team Star Grunt.

    While at the gate of the base, you must beat the guard of the Fire Crew. This battle isn’t too challenging, and players should be able to eliminate him quickly. Team Star Grunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  2. Start the Star Barrage challenge.

    Once inside the base, you’ll begin the Star Barrage phase, which is a 10-minute challenge that involves sending in three Pokemon (the first three within your party) to knock out Fire Crew’s team. If your party is low in health during this battle, you can recover HP from vending machines.

  3. Knock out 30 Pokemon during the Star Barrage.

    Even if the Star Barrage requires you to beat a hefty amount of Pokemon, this task is relatively straightforward to complete.

  4. Battle the boss of Team Star’s Fire Crew.

    Compared to the Star Barrage, the fight against Fire Crew’s boss (Mela) is much more complex and will take some time to achieve. The only way to win this battle is to eliminate Torkoal and the Schedar Starmobile.Mela in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  5. Defeat Torkoal.

    Mela’s Level 27 Torkoal has the Drought ability, which powers up Fire-type moves. That said, it’s best to get rid of Drought with other Pokemon abilities, like Psyduck’s Cloud Nine. Players can also eliminate the Torkoal with Ground, Rock, or Water-type moves.

  6. Knock out Schedar Starmobile.

    The Level 26 Revavroom (Schedar Starmobile) has a large amount of HP and the ability to Speed Boost. Like Torkoal, players can defeat this Pokemon with Ground, Rock, or Water-type moves.Defeating the Schedar Starmobile in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

After you defeat Mela’s team, she will reward you with a Star Badge and the Flame Charge TM. In addition, Cassiopeia will give players 5,000 LP, the ability to make more Technical Machines, and TM materials.

That does it for our guide on how to beat Team Star’s Fire Crew in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more Team Star content, you can check out our guide on how to defeat the Dark Crew. Be sure to also look at the relevant links below for additional information, including an explanation about the multiplayer mode.

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