How to Beat Baishe Boss Fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to Beat Baishe Boss Fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Watch out for those damn snakes!

There is no doubt that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes its inspiration both from a classic as well as the general mythos of the Chinese culture. This has allowed the developers to bring in enemies that are both mystical and mysterious, and expands the way gameplay can unfold in the game. This is especially apparent in boss fights, and if you are looking for some help on how to beat Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, read on.

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Beating Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Found in the Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch level, Baishe will bring everything a serpent demon would in this underground arena. Her tail is one of the most potent weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and players should always be on the look out for her spinning attack as well as quick stabs using the snakes.

How to Beat Baishe Boss Fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Image Source: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

In addition to those attacks that require quick reflexes to deflect, Baishe is also fond of spewing pools of poison around the immediate area, forcing you to watch your step when engaging. Poison at range, and quick attacks up close; always be sure to attack within reason and not get caught up by being overly aggressive.

Baishe’s Critical Blow comes in two forms, one where she takes aim and tries to grab you, and the other where she soars into the air and descends upon you. Both can be deflected with relative ease, allowing you to deal Spirit damage and open her up for a Fatal Strike.

Baishe Boss Fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Critical Blow
Image Source: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

She will also occasionally take to the walls and slither around the arena at fast speeds, throwing projectiles at you along the way. Just be patient and deflect them accordingly, building up your Spirit for a spell or Martial Arts. Keep plugging away and she will be downed soon enough.

That’s all you’ll need to know about how to defeat Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. For more help on the game, you can check out other useful guides like the best ways to get Fatal Strikes, how to alter your appearance, and upgrading the Dragon’s Cure Pot. More related content can also be found below, and for everything else, you can search Twinfinite.

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