How to Add Resource Packs to Minecraft Bedrock

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How to Add Resource Packs to Minecraft Bedrock
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So you’ve been playing vanilla Minecraft for a while, and maybe now’s the time to freshen things up a bit. Maybe you want some new textures or perhaps you’re going bigger by drastically altering the game mechanics. Either way, the fun starts with resource packs. If that’s exactly what you’re after, then let’s get started on how to add resource packs to Minecraft Bedrock.

How to Install Resource Packs on Minecraft Bedrock

Before we install resource packs to Minecraft Bedrock, it’s up to you to decide on what exactly you want. Resource packs come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple texture pack to new monsters and mechanics. There are several websites that house Minecraft mods, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re going with CurseForge.

  1. Search Minecraft Bedrock on CurseForge.

    At the top of CurseForge, use the search function to find Minecraft Bedrock. It has its own separate mods that are compatible with Bedrock, which is super helpful.

  2. Download a resource pack.

    Now find a resource pack you want to download and select it to reveal its details. On the right-hand side, near the top, click ‘Download.’ When it’s finished, double-clicking the .MCPACK will automatically start Minecraft and install the resource pack at the same time.downloading a minecraft bedrock resource pack from curseforge

  3. Activate the resource pack.

    When you create a new world, go down to the Resource Packs tab. Locate the one you’ve installed and click ‘Activate.’ Alternatively, you can also edit an existing world from your Worlds menu and follow the same instructions.installing a resource pack in minecraft bedrock edition

That’s all there is to know on how to add resource packs to Minecraft Bedrock. It’s really that easy! Just be careful not to mix and match resource packs too much as some aren’t compatible. Usually texture packs and gameplay mods work fine with one another. For more related content, take a ride in our time machine and reminisce on the best Minecraft YouTubers.

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