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How Much Time Passed Between Yellowstone Season 4 & 5? Explained

Here’s how long the time jump is in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is back with its fifth season, almost one year after the season four finale, and time has moved forward in the show and the characters are, now, in different positions. While the passage of time is never directly acknowledged some developments might help us explain how much time passed between Yellowstone seasons 4 and 5.

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Warning: spoilers for the fifth season of Yellowstone below.

Time Moved Fast from Season 4 to Season 5 in Yellowstone

While some shows start each season where they left off, comparing the events from the fourth season finale with the ones in the fifth season premiere of Yellowstone, we imagine eight months have passed in between seasons.

In the previous season, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) decides that he is running for the Governor’s office in the State of Montana. Season 5 begins as he assumes the Governor’s office. Hence, there’s no doubt that time moved fast as we’ve skipped through the campaign and election.

On another note, season 4 of the Paramount Network’s show ends days after Monica (Kelsey Asbille) reveals to her husband (Luke Grimes) that she is pregnant. In the first episode of the fifth season, she appears three weeks away from her due date, making it clear that many months passed.

These are the clues that led us to guess how much time passed between Yellowstone seasons 4 and 5. Be sure to check out our other content related to the show!

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