How to Do Lobbed Through Ball in FIFA 23

How to Do Lobbed Through Ball in FIFA 23

Dissect the defense with a lobbed through pass in FIFA 23.

There are obviously many different ways to score a goal in FIFA 23, but finding the right through ball to split the defence is always going to be utterly satisfying. While many bodies will obstruct a ball on the ground, learning how to utilize the lobbed through ball can make things much easier for you against all defenses. As part of this guide, we’ll guide you on how to do a lobbed through ball in FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23 Lobbed Through Ball Controls

As per most of the latest games in the franchise, executing the lobbed through ball in FIFA 23 retains the same button inputs. To do a lobbed through ball, simply press and hold the LB or L1 button while you press and hold the through ball button (Y/ Triangle).

Once you have enough power, let it go, and the player will perform the move in the direction in which you pushed the left stick.

This is best for getting your speedy players behind the defenders for a clear sight of the goal or the touchline, and can stretch your opponent’s backline effectively. Once you are through, all you’ll need to do is beat the goalkeeper or find the best cross to score.

That’s everything you need to know on how to do a lobbed through ball in FIFA 23. To be even better at the game, be sure to check out the best Ligue 1 players to sign, the best La Liga players in the game, or learn more about the chemistry system in FUT. Otherwise, more content about the game can be found below.

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