How To Get The Burden of Guilt Trials of Osiris Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 & What Is the God Roll?

Here's how to get the Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle and what the God Roll for it is in Destiny 2.

Season of Plunder keeps the excitement in full throttle with the return of Trials of Osiris after a month-long hiatus. With the return of Trials comes the return of a highly anticipated Fusion Rifle, The Burden of Guilt. It was recently added to the loot pool back in Season 17. So today, let’s discuss how to get the Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle, as well as what the God Roll for it is.

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How To Get Burden of Guilt in Destiny 2

Reminder: While you can go about this alone if you choose, Trials of Osiris is considered a highly competitive PvP mode. It is our recommendation you find two others to join you before hopping into the fray.

How to get Burden of Guilt in Destiny 2

  1. Square off in Trials of Osiris.

    Grab your best gear and teammates, or if you’re confident to go solo, then head over to the crucible tab and select the featured Trials of Osiris game mode. To earn reputation points, you need to score some kills and complete matches. The better you perform, the more points you earn.

  2. Earn Trials Engrams from Saint-14

    In a similar fashion Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner, or other vendors for that matter, upon increasing your Trials rank will you earn an exclusive Trials Engram. You can use your newly acquired Engram in two different ways.

  3. Speak with Master Rahool

    The first option would be to decode your Engram with Master Rahool in the Tower plaza. You need to obtain at least one copy of Burden of Guilt to proceed with the second option. Keep decoding engrams until you acquire one

  4. Buy your own copy from Saint-14

    Once you finally acquire one copy of Burden of Guilt, head back to Saint-14. Using another Trials Engram, you can then buy multiple copies of Burden of Guilt until you reach the roll you’re looking for. However, purchasing direct copies of the gun can get pretty expensive, so make sure you keep track of how many you’re buying.

What Is the God Roll for Burden of Guilt in Destiny 2?

Burden of Guilt has an immense perk pool, and therefore, a player could choose many routes for their God Roll. However, if you’re looking for a weapon that can give the fabled Main Ingredient Fusion Rifle a run for its money, then the best perks to choose for the gun would be Perpetual Motion and Successful Warm-Up.

Perpetual Motion grants the gun bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion, while Successful Warm-Up gives increased charge/draw speed after landing final blows. This combination of perks allows the wielder to adapt a “Run and Gun” playstyle after securing a kill, as Successful Warm-Up will increase the fire rate of the weapon far faster than any Fusion Rifle should. Is it better than Main Ingredient, though? We discuss this in detail below.

Is Burden Of Guilt Better Than Main Ingredient in Destiny 2?

Fusion Rifles have been a dominant force in the crucible for the past few seasons, with Main Ingredient standing firmly at the top. But with the recent release of Burden of Guilt, this begs the question of which Fusion Rifle is superior to one another. To put it bluntly, while Burden of Guilt is a powerful weapon in most situations, it sadly does not replace Main Ingredient as the best Fusion Rifle for PvP in the game right now.

Burden of Guilt has some advantages, such as being in the Kinetic slot, giving more freedom of use for primary energy weapons. However, it doesn’t nearly have as much range or impact as Main Ingredient, which is the main driving factor for Fusion rifles in PvP. You could say for argument’s sake it is the best Fusion Rifle in the Kinetic slot currently, but not overall.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Burden of Guilt in Destiny 2. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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