How to Get Divine Ashes in God of War Ragnarok
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How to Get Divine Ashes in God of War Ragnarok

Divine Ashes should be somewhat on the easier side when it comes to farming.

If you’re nearing the end of God of War Ragnarok, you’ve likely got some well-upgraded gear, but it’s not likely not maxed out entirely. There are several resources players will still have to hunt down that will take their gear to the ultimate and final level. Here’s how to get Divine Ashes in God of War Ragnarok.

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Where to Find Divine Ashes in God of War Ragnarok

Just as with the Blazing Embers, you’re not going to find Divine Ashes just anywhere. Instead, the only place they can be obtained is in Muspelheim by undertaking the various Crucible trials. You’re definitely looking at a decent challenge to stock up on these.

While Blazing Embers are used specifically for upgrading a few important shields, Divine Ashes are a little more general. You’ll need Divine Ashes on different gear, such as weapon grips and some lesser shield upgrades.

Considering the Divine Ashes aren’t as specialized, they can be earned during the lesser challenges that the Crucible presents. You’ll likely have far more of these at the end than you will Blazing Embers, even if you are ultimately victorious. But with that, you’ll be able to hit your gear with a couple of upgrades in easy reach to be better prepared to take another run at the Crucible now that you know what to expect.

That is everything you need to know about how to get Divine Ashes in God of War Ragnarok. If Ragnarok has you nostalgic for the previous adventures of Kratos, we have an up-to-date list of the series in order to help guide you back through them.

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